Wednesday, 26 September 2012

scrapfriends birthday candies giveaway

hello everyone,
check this out....a chance to win some gorgeous prize packs because its their birthday

and even if you dont win they have some awesome and different things in their shop and will be having a birthday sale oct 2nd and 3rd. be sure to have a look here for your chance to win.

scrapfriends sketch challenge

i loved this sketch when  i saw it and had the perfect photo in mind, and i knew i already had it printed. however when i found it it was only a 5x7 ...(not big enough) so i had to rethink my sketch. i had this photo printed a month ago although it was taken 18months ago and was just waiting for the perfect sketch. when i thought outside the box this sketch was it. i have been perfecting this page for a while as its very special to me, and although i finished it last week i asked permission to post it as this is not my baby in the photo. Out of respect to the wishes of the babies mother i have blacked out his name.
thanks for taking the time to look at my page.

Friday, 21 September 2012

once upon a...sketch/csi#2

this is the first challenge i have done from CSI so i was pretty proud of myself. 
i love challegnes that i know exactly what i want to do and this one just fell into place for me.
strangely enough i have used a photo of my ex-boyfriend from when i was 16. i was so madly in love with him (at the time) that he could do no wrong although that year of my life was definately the worst. however, im not bitter about it. i wouldn't be where i am today if i didnt experience that. several months after breaking up with him i got back together with my previous boyfriend from yr 10 and we have now celebrated 11 wonderful years together and have 4 absolutely adorable children. 
this page is a feel good page for me...if only he could see me now and see how much happier i am without him!! LOL

so i have used the sketch , the pallete (the blue flowers and the title "looking back" is in red)
evidence- the button (it is a clear one underneath the butterfly) and the circles that are painted on with bubble wrap packaging. 
testimony-handwriting and of course the gorgeous lyrics from beyonce "best thing i never had"
thanks for looking and any comments you may leave...
im terribly sorry for putting this post up twice but i made a mistake with the first one and cant delete it.