Wednesday, 30 April 2014

military scraplets

as a dt member of a2zscraplets i get to use some really great chipboard. 
thought i would share a few of the military ones with you. 

products used:

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

stuck?! sketches

really quickly sneaking this page in as i have 3 days left before it closes. 
i love these sketches as i can straight away see where i can put my little mark on them. 
this is a selfie i took of the children and i at the beginning of the before my girlfriends 30th bday party. its a terrible photo as it was night time and i had the hall way light on but i still love it. 
firstly here is the april 15th sketch

my page

and a close up

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

scrap the boys-april

although i look to see what the challenge is every month i don't always get to play. although i have 3 very cute little boys and 1 very handsome husband my daughter often pops up in the photo or i feel guilty just scrapping the boys. but this page was a must scrap!!
its my eldest boy who turns 6 tomorrow!!

so the challenge for scrap the boys this month is to use flowers. 
here is my layout
what more can you say about that smile!!
he was just so excited about loosing his first tooth last month. 
funnily enough the tooth had been wobbly for around 10 days. 
he is all hot and sweaty as he had just finished his third session of rugby after school which was tackling. i had given him a peach to eat for afternoon tea in the car on our way to gymnastics for my daughter. we arrive and he gives me this little tooth a a very big and bloody grin on his face. it may not have been quiet ready to come out but it had. so we washed all the blood away and out came the iphone to take a photo to send to daddy and the grandparents. 
it was a very proud moment!!

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scrap around the world-april

i was absolutely taken by this gorgeous mood board over at scrap around the world and just had to start getting creative straight away. i normally take a few days to scrap but this one was done in a day, and had now become one of my favourite pages i have done. 

here is the mood board

and here is how i decided to take a little inspiration from the board ...
the quote- although i didnt use those words i found a quote that was very relevant to my life right now
glasses-a lilttle insight into my thoughts (lol)
butterfly- colour and animal used
white crackling- i have used kaiser basecoat paper which has a similar look
also used the gesso with the crackle effect
swirls- the circle chipboard

this page is a first for me as it is a 12x12 photoless layout. 
it is untitled.

i just love this quote, i think every so often its a great reminder of how i need to live my life for me and my beautiful family and not care that others will judge me for what ever reason, 
 to keep people around me that support me and encourage me to keep being myself and who are always there for me. 
as my partner and i were together when we were teenagers and started our family quite young it was just right for us, and as an army wife it can get quite lonely but he is such a fantastic and support dad and husband i honeslty couldn't ask for anyone better. due to have our 5th baby next month with quite a small age gap between kids we are quite often judged but i am learning that my life isnt for everyone, but it is for me and they cant take away our happiness with their stares,judgements or rude comments. 

so the quote reads

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. 
so , love the people who treat you right and forget about the people who don't. 
and believe that everything happens for a reason.
if you get a chance - take it
if it changes your life - let it
nobody said it would be easy...
they just said it would be worth it. 

close up of my cluster 

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