Wednesday, 20 March 2013

lets get shabby- ocean life

well if this isnt cutting it fine i dont know what
i have to be honest, i wasnt going to do this challenge although i absolutely loved the inspiration picture. i just had so many ideas going through my head and i couldnt figure out which one i would like to do so i put it in the too hard basket. i then saw my aunties page which you can see here and she put a more clear picture in my head. i then was at the shops when i saw a friends page via sms ( yes we sms each other before we upload and i immediately  had a light bulb moment and got my photo printed then and there. 
so with so much inspiration now and a clear picture of what i wanted to do i started my page...i just  too so long to stick it all down and finding a title (thanks susan for you help)
so here is the inspiration picture

and i took the colours from it. lots of umber, aqua with a little pink and white. 
i also took inspiration from the layers of the dress with the layers of doilies and border running down the side. also the era of the dress is old and my photo is of an elderly life. 

so my page....we were lucky enough to be at the beach and saw a huge crowd gather around so obviously we go and have a look ... it was of a turtle that had been washed up from the tide. we are unsure if she couldnt get back to the water or if she died in the ocean and then got washed up but we were lucky enough to speak to the marine wildlife paeople that were there taking photos and then were going to give the turtle a berial. she was able to tell us that the turtle was female and around 50 - 60 years old. 
so here is my page. 

thanks for any comments you may leave and terribly sorry for the lateness of this post and any spelling mistakes i have in here ...i just have 45mins to get this up before deadline.