Sunday, 21 April 2013

yummyscrap #12

i pick and choose which colour palette challenges to do as i love to work with patterned paper. when i saw yummyscrap #12 i had to play along as i had the perfect papers in mind. 
MME-stella and rose. 
so yes the blue is a little darker but i ran with it anyway. 

here is the yummy palette
and the sketch is from pagemaps

 and here is my page. 

close ups

so this page is a little different. 
normally i scrap to make it all about the photo,but this page is about the story behind it and its an inspiration for me. 
so basically i did some training about 3 and a half years ago to be a bodystep aerobics instructor. i was doing really well, had filled in for a friend a couple of times then almost lost my 3rd baby at 14 weeks so obviously i stopped all exercise until he was born. But in that time we were posted to a different town and i never picked up my instructing. we were in that posting for 2 years and have come back to our original location with the same group of instructors that i worked with last time.
i have basically been handed a class if i want it ( which i do ) but i lack the confidence on stage which is holding me back from being as good as i can be. 

so i have a few little inspiration quotes , photos and journalling to help me believe in myself. 
the title "breaking free" (which is actually the name of some scrappaper) is for me to break free from my own judgement, put myself out there and to stop allowing my negative thoughts hold me back. 

wow.... long post sorry
but thanks for looking and any comments you may leave. 

Friday, 19 April 2013

123 challenge -april

hello and thanks for looking at my blog. 
i played along this month after seeing this gorgeous photo of our eldest son at the park.
 (for his birthday party)

so here is the challenge 

and here is my page

the woodchip flourish was cut so that i could use it like a frame but to also act like a branch that my son is climbing on. i have wrapped black flowers around the vine and added a few more to the flourish. inked aorund everything and lightly painted the card and paper for the whitewash effect. 

thanks for looking and any comments you may leave. 
cant wait to see the next challenge. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

paper stories april sketch

im in a scrapping mood today. 
i dont normally start and finish a page in one sitting as im a stay at home mum but today i did and i really love the page i made. 
so this was the sketch

and this is my page   ..... 3

the tops of the flags are sewn down so the bottoms are just hanging ,as the brown paper with the note book ripped edge is hidden journalling which has been tucked in. 
its a little note to our son with a little description of what he is like at this age. 

thanks for looking and any comments you leave. 
cant wait for the next sketch. 


it's term 2 already here in qld australia and i hadnt done a page form my babies first day of school. 
it's an important one as we have our son starting prep this year. 
so i saw the case file and had a very clear picture of what i was going to do. 
i changed the sketch to only have one photo but other wise i thought i stuck to it very closely. 

the eveidence...accents from the scene-bike, bird
...use crayon
...fussy cutting
...plain card stock 

the testimony...hand write your journalling

the sketch

and my page

with some close ups 

thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave. 

let's get shabby #44

 As soon as this challenge came out i went through my stash as i new that i had a few easter titles and had never scrapped a page of the kids at easter time, (bad mummy) so i was excited. 
the photos are of my babies in their age order discovering the mini chocolate easter eggs the easter bunny put out for them. 

my choices are as follows
list 1...eggs (in the title)
list 2... flowers, doily
list 3... inking

so here is my page

thanks for looking and any comments you may leave.
cant wait to see what the next challenge is.