Sunday, 6 October 2013

123 october challenge

well i have been scrapping away like mad but mostly for design team work which i cant share with you....but i have been so motivated this month i have got some awesome challenges already done. 
so here is the first one that i want to share with you 

so i have scrapped this photo before and i tried to do someone elses style and although i love looking at that persons work i hated my page. i left it for a few months and then when i saw this challenge that page popped into my head. so i ripped it all up and used the photo (printed smaller) and used what i could of the paper. this photo is over 3 and a half years old but still is very hard for me to scrap. the pregnancy of our third baby was planned like the first two and every thing was going fantastic until we got to 13 weeks. my husband was away for work (in the army) and due home in 48 hrs when we were going to break the news to our family. i had a massive bleed and raced my kids over to my girlfriends house who i left with her husband and she raced me around to the drs. i had an ultrasound and discovered i had a pericorionic haemorrhage and our baby was only given a 50% chance of surviving. my husband was on the first flight home despite the fact that his bosses wanted him to stay as he was leading his diggers to a victory in a very big competition. 
i quite work as an aerobics instructor and was on bed rest for a month. things were looking up. although i never went back to work during the pregnancy and exercised very little everything seemed to be going fantstically. we moved interstate when i was 32 weeks and i had already been in contact with my new obgyn and everything was still going great. bubby was due late february but just like my previous 2 children i went a week overdue so into hospital i went for an induction. 
the labour was fantastic...they have all gotten so much better and the delivery went well with one exception. our precious little baby boy was born severely mechonium stained and he was literally black. they never let me hold him. they just took him away and i was so scared. it was like we werent even there. no one would tell us what was going on. just talking between each other. 
after i was showered and dressed i was able to go and see him. they had cleaned him up and placed in an oxygen box for 24 hours to make sure that it wasnt in his lungs. 
his fingers and feet were still very green like he had spilt food colouring on himself and remained stained for a few days especially around his nails. 
this little bubby gave us 2 very big frights but at the end of the day he was so healthy he was absolutly fine. how lucky are we!!!

and here is my page
and a close up of my cluster

i have used the a2z scraplet flourish 24

simply inked it and then added a cluster of flowers and brads with a paper clip

thanks for looking and any comments you may leave.


  1. Oh my gosh Bel; I had no idea half this had been happening only that he was born and unwell, you have been through such a lot for one so young.
    I have found the scrapbooking and journaling has been very healing and I hope you feel the same. A beautiful precious photo and a lovely layout.

  2. Such a beautiful page, I love that you and Susan have both used the same paper range but your pages are so wonderfully different. Thanks for sharing the story behind the pages too.

  3. A beautiful page with such a difficult story behind it. I think scrapping helps as a form of therapy. Thank you for sharing :o)

  4. Wow thank you for sharing your story Bel. And what a beautiful page. Thanks for joining in at 123 this month :)

  5. Oh this just melts my heart <3 <3 beautiful page and what a story! Glad all is well now xxx

  6. wow, such a cool page! love your take . and thanks for joining us at 123 - hope to see you there next month too <3

  7. Gosh what a rollercoaster! I have never heard of a story like that - the poor little thing. Thankfully he was ok. Your story is something of interest to every mother! Thank you for sharing with us