Wednesday, 9 October 2013

scrapfriends - october sketch

good morning. 
do you know what i love about sketches....we all get given the same one yet no two pages are alike. i rarely find a sketch i cant work with, yet sometimes one sketch inspire me more than others.
i love the sketches over at scrapfriends and i couldnt play last month due to having visitors and basically running out of time so i was determined to get the october sketch done....and i have. 

these photo are selfies take on my iphone. i have started to realise that if i dont take them im not going to have any photos to look back on when the kids have all grown up and we are so lucky this day in age that we have phones and digital cameras that dont cost alot of money to get photos printed. (omg im sounding old!! lol)

so these photos were taken when my baby was about 6 months old. my husband was over in England for 4 months on exchange with the army. for some reason my baby went from a great sleeper to not sleeping at all. he would scream and scream and scream. 
i couldn't do anything to settle him. i would try to breastfeed him and he would be screaming, i would cuddle him and he would be screaming, i would try to sing to him and he would be screaming. he would sleep for about 40 mins then scream for another hour and a half then a 40 min sleep then awake again. this only happened at night (of course) and he would be perfectly fine during the day. i was struggling. i had to get my daughter ready for school and i had 3 little boys at home to take care of. i tried most days to get to the gym for my own sanity but some days i just couldnt. some days i wondered how i was even going to stay awake enough to drive my daughter to school. my baby slept in my room so he wouldnt wake up the other kids and if he settled i could put my head down on a pillow and try to get 10 minutes sleep. 
this only went on for around 8 weeks and then it just stopped and he went back to being the baby who slept again. this was a really hard time for me having no family around to help but i always told myself that it wouldnt last, and you couldnt get angry at him cos he wasnt doing it on purpose. the only thing i could do was to cuddle him and kiss him and sing to him. 
so thats what i did for hours and hours on end. 
he is in an ergo, its a babycarrier, THE BEST BABY CARRIER!!
thats why the page is called ergo love
my baby has spent many many hours in the ergo as it keeps him close to me yet allows me to have both hands free to still cook dinner, hang out washing, fold washing or to hold my other childrens hands

so here is the sketch

and here is my page

close up of my stitching 

close up of the photos with the threads underneath (love this look right now)

thanks for looking and any comments you may leave.
cant wait to see the next sketch


  1. Oh Bel, glad you got through those times, this page is so beautiful and I too love the threads.

  2. Oh dear that sounds like a difficult time for you, so glad he settled down after a while.. those photos are a memory of time past and your layout looks great.. love the look of threads too!!

  3. You have always shown great strength Bel and are a wonderful mother; this is a story for him when he has sleepless nights with his first child!
    This is another wonderful page showing your beautiful unique style.

  4. I just love reading your blog, I love that I get to know a little more behind the photos. My oldest was a bad sleeper from birth to about 3 months she did not sleep at night so I understand where you were coming from. Stunning layout like always :)

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  6. Oh wow Bel! this is such a fab take on the sketch, absolutely beautiful!
    Had to chuckle reading Susan's comment :)) xxx

  7. That is a GREAT series of selfies & I loooove how the colours, with that bit of black & the random paint/ink spreads sort of reflects the random sleep[LESS!!!] patterns....this is a new fave of mine......sooooo glad you managed to get time to 'play' with us at SF this month:):):)

  8. WOAW love your so sweet page!!!! amazing!

  9. Great page! Love the photos with the colours and the paint dribbles. Glad you got through that period of time intact! Thank you for playing along with us at Scrap Friends this month.